Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I've got an offer on my townhouse. They are paying exactly the price my agent thought we would get. The offer is still subject to inspection. Things should be ok-- the townhouse is fairly new and I haven't renovated it.

Today we finalized the deal on my new house. It closes on June 16th (Same as the townhouse) The chimney needs some work. In exchange for me paying that bill, the current owners will move out by May 31 and let me move in starting June 1.

Oh yeah-- more on the parents that are buying their son my townhouse. It turns out the father is a Vice President of Ford. I wonder if me owning an F-150 had anything to do with their easy offer.
Someone is making an offer on my townhouse. I don't know all the details yet-- my agent just called to tell me the good news. The paper work is being filled out as I write.

I know the people that are buying. Their son is going to school here. Rather than renting him a place, the parents decided to buy. Nice parents.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Had Steven and C2 over for dinner tonight. Things are going good with them. Steven has a job interview. C2 is making progress on his car.

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Mathew is in trouble. We are not sure of the extent.

Mat works for a family business. He said that he only takes out what he needs to live and cover his bills. So about five months ago, rather than paying his bills directly, he started giving his bills to his father to pay. And well, his father didn't pay his bills. Last week the creditors reposesd Mat's SUV.

Mat says he's fuming. But he's always steamed about something. He's contemplating declaring bancrupcy. He's also pissed with his father.

The rest of us arn't sure about Mat's story. I can't imagine that the credit cards and car payments can go unpayed for five months with no calls from the creditors. Unfortunatly if Mat is fibbing then he's still in financial trouble. I hope things don't go too wrong for him.

John, Mac and Behr have moved into their new townhouse. The gang dropped in last night. It's a great townhouse-- lots of space. They have a hot tub.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Today is C6's birthday. We celbrated at the Spagheti Factory. Eighteen people showed up. I ate a lot. I'm still stuffed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Looks like I'm missing an entry... An important one.

Saturday night was Steven and Vic's one year anniversary. Congratualaions guys! About 20 people showed up for their dinner. I wrote a longer entry on Sunday, but lost it when my connection went down.

Also, this is the place I'm buying...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Steven and I went over to Mat and Sandy's. We had dinner, watched American Idol and then Darkness Falls. Darkness Falls is an ok Horror flick. It's about an evil demon woman who can only attack when it's dark. There's a bunch of schtick about the evil demon woman being the tooth fairy, but that really has nothing to do with the story.
Nothing exciting happening. Filing paper work. Arranging for an inspector.

Monday, April 21, 2003

So, I put out a contigent offer on the log house. They've accepted. Now I have to sell my townhouse.

Best part-- the log house comes with a wet bar, keg fridge and a CO2 unit.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I went house hunting today. Now, I'm torn between two houses. Both houses are great. But the house in Lochmoor is a better investmant than the other-- a log house in Newcastle. The log house speaks more to my heart.

The Lochmoor house is $392,000.00 Is 3129 square feet. Has a view of the lake. Freshly painted. Nice hard wood floors. Close to work. Small, low maintenance lot. Detached garage with a studio.

The Newcastle house is $350,000.00, a log house, 2280 square feet plus a 450 sqft shop. It's more quiet, next to a park. Farther from work. Large, but low maintenance lot. New roof was put on last year. Two years ago they refinished the logs.

Both have great spots for hot tubs.

Both houses are really nice. If my agent had only showed me one but not the other, then I would be happy buying that home.

I have to decide fast. The Lochmoor house will go quickly. I'm sure it will be gone If I don't make an offer by Sunday.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Every 2nd Friday, work puts out a spread of beer and munchies. We socialize with each other, team announcements are made, awards are given, stuff like that.

Today infront of 100 people, one of my co-workers proposed to another. She said "Yes."

Funny eye test...

Steven said "It scared me! I had my sound up really high. Too funny"

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Had a sucky lunch today. C2, Steven, Edwin and I tried to have lunch at Dixies BBQ. The lineup was long and very slow. We waited for 40 minutes before we got frustrated and left. Which was too bad. Steven has never "Met the Man" before. I was hoping to see it happen.

"Met the Man"-- Dixies has a hot sauce call "The Man" It's very, very hot. One or two drops can make you sweat and dring gallons of water.

Instead we went to the Three Pigs BBQ.. Not as good as Dixies, but the linup was short. C2 had didn't like his food. His beef ribs had very little meat on them, and weren't done the way he liked.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Not much going on. Tonight I went over to Sandy at Matt's just to chat. Steven was there-- he had dinner with them.

They have a salt water aquarium that they've been having problems with. About half a dozen nice fish just died. They think they've fixed the problem. Unfortunatly salt water fish are expenisve-- $50.00 to $100.00 a piece.

Matt dissed Zesty for keeping his journal on line. Steven and I exchanged knowing looks while Matt ranted about Zesty. Mind you Zesty's site is more out there than mine. Zesty hypes himself. Zesty bears all, shows photos and doesn't change names-- there are pics from when he and Sandy dated (Over a year ago).

Saturday, April 12, 2003

At least half a dozen people have been through my house. Not bad for being on the market for 24 hours. We'll see if I get any offers. Right now it's supposed to be a buyers, so I'm not going to get my hopes up.

The agents have been leaving messages at my work number before they show the place. I didn't check my voice mail at work until about 11am. That's when i heard a couple of messages like "Hello. I'm Jane Doe with the real estate company. My client and I are going to be over between 11 and 11:30am to look at your property. If this is a problem please call me at...." I tried to quickly clean up my place and get out of the house, but the first agent arrived too soon. Oh well.

At about 4pm II took a nap. Another agent showed up at 4:15. When I heard the knocking, I jumped out of bed, got dressed and made the bed-- all in less time than it took for them to unlock the door and walk in. It's awkward seeing strangers peek around my house, so I went out for a short walk.

Last night I had dinner with c2 and the Man Bitches. At our company there is a Lesbian group manager who, over the years, has hired a number of gay men whom she keeps under her thumb. These men have started refering to them selves as the Man Btiches.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Had dinner last night with Sandy and Mat. We watched. One Hour Photo. Not bad, not great. Creapy.

I gave Mat and Sandy a gift for taking care of me the weekend I hurt my neck. I gave them a nice wood ceaser salad bowl. This is the first time in my life that I've given someone a spontaneous gift. I've given expected gifts at Christmas or on birthdays. But never because I like someone and wanted to say thank you.

My townhouse is now for sale. I have to keep it perpetually clean since I never know when someone will show up. I just got a call from an agent saying he will look at my house today. This is weird. Strangers in my house.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

So dinner with Harry went well. I'm not sure what else to say. The important part isn't that we had dinner. The important part is yet to come-- will he stay in touch.

I also promised Tommyboy that I'd visit him in LA. Tommyboy kind of excites me. I don't know why I had dinner with Harry. Curiosity mostly.

After dinner I drove over to C2's for chat and snacks. I dropped off his refrigerator and bitched about it stinking up my truck. Last week he needed to move a small frige from work to home. His car was too small so we put it in my truck. I left the frige in the truck over night. The freezer water melted. For the past week my truck has smelt of freezer burn.

I also talked on the phone with Andy. I haven't talked with Andy for months. Things are going well with him. He's dumped his crystal-addict boy friend, but still lets him live with him. Their relationship has flip flopped. Before they were going steady, they would sleep together but not have sex. Now that they've split up, they have sex but don't sleep together.
This entry is very practical. This morning I saw two houses with my real estate agent. Here are the notes...

The first house was a log house. huge yard. On the plus side, it's beautiful and private. Great kitchen, very rustic. On the minus side it really only has one bedroom and no garage. I could put bedrooms in the basement, but they wouldn't have a lot of light. The current owners use the open loft as a bedroom, which is ok for kids, but if you want your privacy you are out of luck. The lawn (1 acre) might be a bit much to take care of.

The 2nd house has lots of rooms, a hot tub, a basket ball court, two living rooms, two fireplaces and 4 bedrooms. It's more dated-- late 70's early 80's. It needs several minor renovations. Plus side-- very close to work. Much space, two car garage. There are so many rooms. I'd need much more furniture.

The 2nd house, in the master bath, has a large shower with two heads. The shower is surrounded by glass block. The Agent made a joke that Steven and Vic would love to mess around in the shower.

The 2nd house is more of a party house. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

My heart wants the log house. My head says the 2nd house is a better investment.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Spring has arrived. The rain drops are now warm and big. Frogs have started singing. Trees are blooming.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Hmmm. I just got off the phone with Harry. We're having dinner on Wednesday. He sounds like he's doing good. I don't think he has a hidden agenda.
C6, DQ, a friend of theirs, Steven, Vic and I spent Saturday evening in Vancouver. We partied our brains out-- drank way too much. You've got a great city Michael!

I'm glad I did it, but won't do it again for months.

We started drinking at about 8pm. From then till 2am, my pint glass was never more than half empty. On top of that I had a number of shots.

We chatted and flirted and chased and danced. I walked around with my shirt off. I danced. I don't remember how long it's been since I did that.

At about 2am, Steven, Vic and I left the rest of the guys. We had went and ate at a little fast food joint called Fritz. What a great place. The music was good (It's a fast food restaurant!) and a couple of the customers were dancing. There poutine was great.

Walking along Grandville St at 2am is an experience. Grandville was hopping. Restaurants were open. People were everywhere. I wish Seattle had something like that.

The next morning we had breakfast at "The Elbow Room" I restaurant the specializes in good food, service, and insulting their customers. Our waiter, a sassy queen, pegged us as gay and insulted us accordingly. "Don't worry girls." he said. "I'll make sure you get out of here before the bathhouse rates go up."

I spend this evening with Steven, Sandy, Mat, John and Mac. We had dinner and watched "Six Feet Under." It's an ok show, but I'm not as into it as Mat or John. Still, I like spending time with the gang.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Last night I had dinner with Mac, John and C2.

Mac works at a health care center. He said the center just received its first case of SARS. Now one of their doctors is showing symptoms of SARS.


Thursday, April 03, 2003

What's the past up to?

Tonight, C2 and I saw The Core with the Movie Bears.. What a horrible movie. Fortunatly it's one of those bad movies that you can laugh at.

Afterwards, we went to the Cuff. I ran into Brian. He's in a good mood, but is up to something. I'm not sure what. He just earned his "Unusual Circumstances" Notary License from the state of Washington and he got his Bail Bond license from the State of Nevada. He's also put a down payment on a house in Los Vegas. He's not moving there, it's just an investment.

Part of me wants to know what he's up to. Part of me says "Stay clear!"

Brian is concerned that too many of my friends are fat. He wants to make sure that I stay thin and attractive and only date thin and attractive men. Anything else would be an insult to him.

So, Brian hasn't changed much.

When I got home I checked my email and found this from Harry...

> Hey Just a note to say hello.. How have you been?
> Are you seeing anyone? Whould you like to go out for
> a beer sometime.. Let me know.. Take care

Now, what's Harry up to? He hasn't talked to me since July.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator

I'm going to sell my townhouse and buy a whole house. I don't know how I arrived at that decision. Many little decisions colluded to make buying a house the right thing thing.

I'm using Steven's real estate agent. I'll probably use his mortgage broker as well.

Hmmm. It just occured to me that I used to say "I'm going to keep the townhouse until I get a steady boyfriend and then buy a house with him."

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Saw The Pianist with Steven. It's a good movie, but very dark. It turns out Steven's a big ol' softie at heart. You could see it from his reactions to the Pianist.

Ha. He told me not to put that in the journal. But, I wanted to. It's something good to remember.

Afterwards we had beer and wings at Hooters. It was a quiet night. We chatted with the waitressess, talked about our future plans.

All in all, a good, quiet evening with a good friend.