Monday, June 27, 2005

Looking over the last few months of my blog, I see that my life is in a cycle. I work a lot during the week (and don't write at all) On weekends I do something interesting and worth writing about.

This weekend was the same.

Saturday night, RO, Matt, Beef and I went to see the Rat City Roller Girls. It was fun. My friend Jen got into a fight while playing. She ended up spraining her leg. She'll be ok though.

Sunday was Pride. It was packed. RO and I decided to skip most of the parade (Gay Pride parades are long and boring) we toured the booths. Mac and Joe were at the gay yatch club booth.

After the festival, RO and I went to C.C.'s for drinks. RO get very drunk. I had fun watching him.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I had a great weekend. On Saturday RO, Matt and I went to the Fremont Fair and Solsitce Parade.

The weather was perfect on Sunday-- sunnay and warm. RO and I went to the Washington Brewfest and sampled much great beer. Afterwards we swam for a while at Newcastle Beach. The water was cold, but the sun quickly warmed you up when you got out of the lake.

What's good is a parade without streakers? Posted by Hello

Robots Posted by Hello

Dancers at the Solstice Day Parade. Posted by Hello

Art Car at the Freemont Solistice Day Parade. The fish and lobster are those novelity singing machines from a few years back. They all sing in unison as well as say things like "Please step away from the car" Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

C2 in Iraq writes...

Thank you for the email. I'm glad you got the money. Remember, keep the
25,000 new dinar bills but please, just freely give away the other stuff.
That's about the bes trinket you can get here. Hmm, what have I been up to?
Well, I got accused of harrassment and there's been an investigation and
I've discoved the seedy underbelly of the beast. There the veneer of KBR
corporate where 'everyone is valued' and then there's reallity of
backstabbing, lying and manipulation. The boss's secratery across the
hallway is fucking a couple of subcontractors and there are booze parties on
regular basis. The bitch who accused me of harrassment just got back from a
psych exam she's got a history doing weird stuff. It's a regular Payton
Place!! But let's put things in perspective, Michael Jackson has been
acquited on all charges!!! Yea!!!

So this time next month or so I'll be heading out of here on my break. My
plan is to drag you back along the way where we're going to go someplace and
see part of the world you've never seen. I've got to do some planning but
I'm thinking we'll do the trip in August sometime. How does that sound? All
that you have to do is pay your part of the way, keep up with me and I'll
put everything else together. Have you ever been to:
and I know you haven't been to Dubai.

Overall, things are going....'fine.'

Monday, June 13, 2005

Last weekend RO and I went to Port Orchard with Mac and Joe for a Yatch club event.

Thursday night RO and Mac left for Port Orchard M&J's boat. Joe and I drove up on Friday evening. It was a fun weekend. The Yatch club people are nice, though there is a bit of a money-show-off thing with them. Mind you, you don't spend $100,000.00 on a boat to tell people to stay away-- being a boater is a social thing.

RO and I talked about buying a boat. We decided not to. I'd rather put the $100,000.00 into a cabin in the mountains or on the ocean.

Not that I have $100,000.00 to spend.

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Port Orchard Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

Last weekend RO and I worked on the house. We did a lot of work-- power washed all the decks, weed whacked the back yard, fixed and filled cracks and crevacies.

I also bought a blower. I really like the blower. In 45 minutes RO blew the crap off the roof, cleaned out the gutters, the walk ways and the deck. That used to be an all day chore.

The power washed deckss look great. Like new.

Friday, June 03, 2005

It was a weird week. On Tuesday I got a very big bonus for a special work project that I volunteered for. On Wednesday management canceled that project. So, I have mixed feelings.. They wanted to make it clear that they appreciated my efforts even though they were no longer needed.