Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I haven't talked to Bruce in years. We used to work for the same company. He left for some reason. He and his partner, C3, moved to the east coast.


Out of the blue, today, I get a message from C3…


"I got a call the other day from the Police that Bruce had killed himself. Am just getting my brain back and figured you would want to know.   He was really happy with all you guys and i begged him to go back to Seattle to be among his friends. But he couldn't do it. Dunno why really.  But he really loved you as a friend. C3."


I let C2 know. Bruce introduced C2 and I. He, as I, is saddened by this.





Monday, November 02, 2015

Fall is setting in. It's cool. It rains every day. The Seattle gloom is here.
My life is quiet. I'm working a lot. Probably not taking enough vacation.
Steven's life is stressful. His father isn't doing so well though. His father has decided wants to die, sooner rather than later. He has COPD. He is CHF. To further this, he has stopped taking all meds except his comfort meds.
Comfort meds. That's a new phrase I had not heard before.
The thing is, now that he's off almost everything but morphine, is that he feels much better.  It's occurred to him that he may live for months instead of dying in the next few days.  Or is that the morphine talking?