Friday, May 28, 2004

The hot tub came this morning. It fits nicely with the deck. The electrical isn't in yet so it will be a few days before we can use it.

It wasn't too much work to get the tub to the pad. My contractor thought they'd need to use a crane. Instead I mowed a 4 foot wide path through the blackberries to my neighbor's. We then brought the tub in from my neighbor's driveway.

As an added bonus, I got to meet my neighbors when I asked for permission to go on their land. We don't see each other very often. I'm at the top of a hill. They are at the bottom. Their drive way goes down the hill along my land.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

New look. I did it accidentally. I like all the new features blogger has. Unfortunatly in the proces I lost all my old comments.
Over lunch with T, C2 said he was tentativly offered the job-- after the background check passed. We both new what the really meant. Last year C2 left the company while he was being investigated for theft. He never stole anything. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Charges were never filed.

About an hour later C2 called me. The background check was good. He got the job! I think the fact the he was re-hired is proof the company believes he's clean.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Yesterday C2 had an interview with my company. If he gets the job, then he'll be working at a building near me. He said the interview went well

C2 and I had dinner with Matt and Sandy. It looks like C2 and Sandy have resolved their differences.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Last night Mac came over to help me with some electrical stuff. While we were working at the breaker box, we noticed that bees kept hitting the window. We thought it was weird, but paid it no more attention.

I went outside to work on the wiring. That when I noticed that above the window bees were building a nest! The bees were agitated by my presense. Dozens of them were flying around. I went back in and pointed the nest out to Mac. We looked at it for a few minutes. Mac said it gave him the creaps.

I went and bought some bee and wasp killer. We opened a crack in the window and spraid the nest from inside.

I felt a bit bad killing the bees. But, I don't see how I could have moved the nest. Oh well.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I had another birthday dinner on Friday. There is a split in the gang-- Sandy didn't keep everyone in the loop while he was was arranging my Thursday birthday dinner. Steven and C2 thought Sandy was too busy to arrange my dinner, so they arranged another. Sandy felt slighted and that C2 and Steven were trying to take over. Harsh words were exchanged. Blah. blah blah. Boring gay drama.

Saturday, Matt, C2 and I worked on the deck. Later on Matt and I shopped at Ikea (He needed to borrow my truck) and then dinner at Matt and Sandy's.

After that I went to the Cuff and Eagle. I met Charlie at the Eagle and tricked with him. He's in town visting family for about a week. Charlie is handsome, but weird. The next day he told me that he spends most of his free time cruising for sex-- hanging around porno-video stores. Bleah.

Sunday, Had breakfast with Mac and Joe. Worked on the Yard a bit, then kayaked at Seward Park and met up with Mac and Joe on their boat. It was beautiful and Sunny. A great day to be on the water.

Charlie just called. He wants to meet for drinks on Thursday. Hmmm.

Friday, May 21, 2004

It's 6am. I'm already at work. I have a presentation to give at 1pm and I'm trying to finish it.

I'm also goofing off-- writing in my blog.

I'm not interested in my project at all. That leads to these last minute cruches where I work hard to cover my ass.

I had two birthday dinners last night. One earlier on with Ryan and Jen. Things are going well with them. I talked with Ryan about working for him.

The 2nd birthday dinner was with Matt, Sandy, Behr and the Tease. More good food and company.

The Tease has a date with someone he's met on the internet. They've been chatting for a while and really like each other. They are meeting in person this weekend. I'm betting he'll be disappointed. 99% of all internet dates don't work out. But, the Tease has high hopes. He's looking for a book on gay astrology. He wants to do their charts to see how things will work.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Thursday is my birthday-- 34th. This year I didn't tell people. Part of me was hoping for a quiet birthday. Part of me was curious to see who would remember.

Everyone remembered. Damn, I have great friends.

They are trying to plan a party. C2 called to vent about the discussions-- they are arguing about where and when. Some want it on Thursday cause they can't make it on Friday. Some want it on Friday cause they can't make it on Thursday. Some want it at Siam's. Some at Z'Tejas. Some at Chia's.

I told C2 that I would pick a time and place and email everyone. C2 said "No! That will make Sandy feel bad, like he failed to organize your party."
Yesterday I had another date with Harley. We last had dinner was in November. About a week ago Harley mailed me and asked me out again.

We met at my place. Steven saw him, made a couple rude/sexy remarks (Skip dinner and just hit the sack!) and stuck his tounge out while ogling Harley's ass.

Harley and Ihad dinner at Claim Jumpers. He has a wheat alergy. After dinner, we walked through Dash Point Park.

We drove back to my place and kissed for a couple hours. No sex. Harley moves very slowly. He said that even though he's 45, he has only had one one-night stand.

This morning, Steven wolk me up and asked about my date. Steven said Harley was very hot. Steven actually said "I wanted to get naked and stick my butt in the air!"

Harley is very attractive. It will take time to get to know him better. He has odd work hours, so we can only see each other once a week or once every 2nd week.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I had lunch with Steven. He spend last weekend in Montreal with Vic. We talked about that for a while.

We also talked about me quitting my job. He told I'm spoiled. I forget what it's like to not have money. I've got it good where I am.

I know that's true, but it's not enough. I've got alot out of my current job-- my green card, enough cash to pay my bills and mortage for five years, a good education on building world class software. All that's left is to collect my salary and climb the corporate ladder. I'm too young to be stuck in a rut. I want a new chapter, a new advecture.
I talked to Steven about quitting. When I told him I was going to quit before I had a new job, he loudly said "No!" He felt it would hurt my marketability if I did so.

I see Tommy agrees with him

They are probably right. But, at the same time I would love to have this summer off.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

I'm going to quit work. Probably towards the end of summer. I need to finish off some repair work on the house and the deck before I leave my job.

Why am I quitting? Well. I can't see my self doing this job for the rest of my life. I got a lot out of my job, but I'm bored now. the only thing that's keeping me is the money.

Part of me wants to quit, take a few months off and then find a new job. Part of me says I should find a new job first. I haven't decided which I'm going to do.
Friday night C2 and I helped Matt and Sandy *not* move a hot tub.

Matt and Sandy bought a used hot tub. It was a good deal. But, they needed help to move it. So, they rented a U-Haul.

The tub wasn too heavy, but it was very awkward. When we finlly got it to the U-Haul, the truck was too small. bleah.

We left it in the yard.

Saturday morning, C2 and I worked on the deck.

Saturday evening, I went over to Reed's. We talked and drank. Reed also did some drugs-- cocaine. I think Reed is depresed. He told me he was bad man. He said he never planned that. It just happened.

Friday, May 14, 2004

C2 and I watched the final of Frasier. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Too many shows try to end with a bang. But, they just end up cramming in a lot of random stuff that's more distracting than interesting.

It was very predictable too.

C2 and I talked about moving away from Seattle. I was trying to figure out if he'd move away with me. I don't think he clued into that. Then again, he may be happy in Seattle.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Last night C2 and I saw Super Size Me a documentary about a man who eats nothing but McDonalds meals three times a day for a month. In the month he gains 30lbs, has his cholestorol spike by 65 points and makes his liver sick. It's a good documentary.

Afterwards we went to the Cuff. While C2, Aryik and I were talking, two different men walked up to me and told me how handsome I was. It felt good for my ego. C2 and Aryik made jokes about how they were being ignored. C2 said "What am I? Chopped liver?"

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

It cost me $50.00 to fill up my truck. Sigh.
Lately I've been watching Adult Swim. I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021. Basically these are very cheaply animated cartoons full of rude humor. The characters puke on each other, do drugs, have sex, beat each other up and have crude adventures with shrink&grow ray guns and robots with brains-- very juvenile.

"The penalty for a robot harming a human will be one thousand years frozen in carbonite!"
"A thousand years frozen in carbonite? It'll be so cold!"
"My nipples are hard just thinking about it."

I think this is the future of TV. These shows can be made on a shoe string budget and, juvenile humor aside, are fairly well written. Within 15 years, teenagers with inexpensive computers and video cameras will change the way TV and films are made, just like the way teenagers with inexpensive amplifiers and guitars changed the way music was made.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Quiet weekend. I had a sort of date on Friday night. It's not going to go anywhere.

Saturday C2 and I worked on the Deck.

Saturday evening, C2, Dav and I went out. We hung around the Madison Pub. C2 got a bit drunk. He was chatting up many people. Flirting. Insulting. Chatting.

Dav and I started a ruse to stir up the pot. Dav and I pretended we were a couple. C2 was our 'straight' friend. We said C2 was a millionare with a bitch of a wife who would take all his money if they divorced. So C2 had to sneak around with us to get his fill of man meat.

It worked. Many twinks flocked to C2. He was very annoyed. He doesn't like twinks.

Sunday night was the final Survivor Potluck. We had it at Matt and Sandy's. Good food. The Survivor final was overly dramatic.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I'm going to be an uncle. My brother's girlfriend is due in late October.

This is the first baby in my family. I'm sure my other brother is relieved-- no more pressure on him to have at least one kid in the family
Joe is employed again. You can tell he's very excited from the email he sent out. I think money was tight between Mac and Joe-- they have a very big boat. The new job will take that stress of their shoulders.

Their room mate, Behr, is still unemployed. Lazy-ass.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Yesterday I helped Mac and Joe move a BBQ and buy a new screen door-- they needed a truck and I had one.

I dreamt about Harry last night. We were together in Mexico. We were Happy. I don't know where that dream came from. It's been about a year since I've seen Harry-- since he dumped me.

Monday, May 03, 2004

On Sunday I went boating with Mac, Joe, Sandy and the Tease. It was a good day. Mostly we drank and layed in the sun.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

C2 and I worked on the deck today. We had a weird non-crisis. We couldn't find the skil saw or the drill. We searched high and low. Was it theft? That didn't make sense-- there were more valuable things laying around.

Did the contractors accidentally take the tools? I called them. They looked around and said "No."

C2 was very annoyed. I was concerned that I could loose something that valuable.

Then I remember. I asked C2. "Hey. didn't you borrow the drill last week because you had to work on your fence?"

C2 thought about it for a minute and then said "Yes"

Then I asked him "did you borrow the skil saw as well?"

He tought about it some more and then sheepishly said "Yes." again.

I was relieved. C2 was annoyed with himself for forgetting something so important.

After C2 left, I worked on digging out the front flower bed. It has to go down by a foot because its dirt is touching the wood of the house. I'm annoyed with the previous owners for building it up so high.