Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matt hast started paying rent and has set up a home office at our place. I guess he's going to be staying for a while.

His breakup with Sandy is transitioning from 'amicable' to 'sour.' For example, Matt has his eye on a new dog, a small toy-dog from a rescue shelter. While they were together Sandy prevented Matt from getting this new dog. This choice was not unreasonable as they already have two dogs and four cats.

Now that they are appart, Sandy sees Matt's decision to get a new dog as proof that Matt is not serious about getting together. He may be right.

Sandy thinks that RO and I support Matt's decsion to act in bad faith towards their relationship. This creats much bickering, texting, debating and speculation between Matt and Sandy. I'm trying to stay out of it, but RO gives his opinion, even though he is tired of doing so.

Every time Sandy texts me, I feel like I'm walking in a mine field. I have to answer his questions in very neutral Zen Koan's.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got a promotion at my day job. It's a fairly important promotion. My title will change and new doors open to me.

I already see some of the changes. Even though my promotion has not been announced, the partners in the business are walking into my office and offering me career counseling.

The first lesson I've learned is that I have to become a "Puppet Master." and set up situations so that people make the choices that I want them to make.

Monday, August 17, 2009

RO now has a perscription for Xanax-- the store has been stressing him out and he needs help sleeping. Xanax strongly affects him, I guess it's a popular drug for a reason, by Sunday evening, he completly forgot about the day. He thought it was only Saturday evening and couldn't remember a thing we did on Sunday.

The store is facing new challenges. Our lease expired last March and we have been living on a month to month contract. We have a signed letter of intent to have a new lease, but have not yet received the lease from the land lord. Then, a representative from a leaseing company showed up and told us that he would soon put up "For Lease" banners. I suspect the landlords think they can get more money from another tenat and are hoping the letter-of-intent is dropped.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RO has a new suspician about our roadside pooper. Clem & Bates are having sceptic problems right now and when RO mentioned the bag of shit to Clem, he very quickly changed the subject.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We have our groceries delivered. The grocer has the groceries on our door step by 6am.

Monday morning was a bit different. When RO was leaving for work, he noticed a grocery bag from our grocer. It was full of something. He thought that perhaps the grocer made a mistake and forgot to bring one bag of our groceries to our door step.

He looked in the bag. It was full of shit and napkins.

We are not sure who or why someone would do this. We suspect that the Grocer's truck driver really had to go to the bathroom, so he used a grocery bag and then left it behind.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Matt is moving in with us for a few days. He and Sandy have split up, supposedly for good. He's moving out of the city, but needs a few days to collect his stuff.

Monday, August 03, 2009

We visited the bank this morning. There was very little they could do. Then they found I am a permanent resident and not a U.S. citizen. Suddenly there was nothing they could do.

I know RO will fight tooth and nail for more money. But, when I do the numbers, I don't see how that will happen. Even with a generously low interested rate, our monthly payments will be much larger than we can afford. To survive for more than six months, the store's sales need to triple. In the short term we can pull a few tricks that leave us deeper in debt and deplete our inventory. But fundamentally the store is running deep in the red and my paycheck is no longer enough to cover the difference.

I'm actually looking forward to bankruptcy. I could get my weekends back and RO could get a paying job. With a chapter 13 bankruptcy, I'd could keep the house (and the mortgages) as well as my 401K. We'd lose the business and everything I've put into it, but that's a big hole right now, a hole that's going to take years to fill in. Seven years of bankruptcy on my credit rating is starting to look mighty attractive.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

RO's brother in-law has cancer. Last January a cyst developed in his nose and kept growing. The doctor removed the cyst last week. Subsequent testing showed it was cancerous.

The brother-in-law will soon undergo chemo and radition treatment. I hope all goes well.