Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Just taking it easy. Had dinner with Steven, Mathew and Ryan. Steven, vert tactfully, let it be known that he thought Mathew was, at times, too mean to Ryan.

Went to Beareoke afterwards.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Social weekend. Friday night I had dinner with C2, C3, Bruce and two of C3's friends. C3's friends are moving from Newhampshire to WA. They've had enough of the snow.

Saturday morning, C2, Cor and I had breakfast together. We saw Cor's new house. Cor is really into showing off his art.

C2 and I hung around the rest of the day. We went to Pike Place Market. and then the Seattle Art Museum, Neither of us are really into Art, so we didn't get a lot of it. In fact, the thing I remember the most was a bowl with a lid. The handle of the lid was made of two people, on all 4's, one shoving something up the butt of the other. We wanted to know more about the bowl, but the displayce case didn't give any details.

Saturday night Steven through a big dinner party. Had Fun. When everyone left, C2 came back to my place and we slept together.

C2 I talked about it the next morning. I don't think he's developing feelings for me. Right now he needs someone to hold him.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

"Too many people act like they're in a Woody Allen movie" What does that mean? LOL.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I'm having a social week. Tuesday I had dinner at Mathew and Sandy's with Steven and all the pb's. Afterwards we went to Beareoke at Guppy's.

Right now, I have this luke warm relationship with two of the pb-- Behr and the Tease. They keep suggesting we do things. But when push comes to shove, I get the cold shoulder. Basically they never returns my calls. This weekend Behr invited me to Portland. I gave him my number again, so we could co-ordinate. I'm betting he's not going to call though.

Last night I had dinner with Steven. I did some work on his computer. I also told him about C2. He's not sure what to think about that situation either.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

C2 is looking for lawyers. He wants me to find out who Brian's lawyers were since they helped him beat an attempted murder charge.

Attempted Murder

Theft in Excess of $50,000.00

Does this happen to normal people? I don't think I go for guys who have a criminal side to them. I think I'm a straight forward white collar man with good friends. Yet C2 is the 2nd friend I've had who has had a major run in with the law.

Monday, February 17, 2003

I've cracked a rib. It happened during hockey. I'm ok, but sore. I have to watch my posture.

I had a very strange weekend. Saturday morning C2 told me he his being investigated by the FBI for the theft of $50,000.00 of software. It's not outright theft. It's complicated white collar crime. He called a few of us and apologized very profusely. We all took it the same way-- we don't care. We vaguely knew what C2 was up to. (Buying not-for-resale software from employees and then reselling it) It's not outright theft because at all stages, money exchanged hands in return for legitimately owned product. The actual crime involves violation of copyright law and licensing agreements.

The FBI has questioned C2, but they won't tell him anything. At most they said that if he one day reads about some people being charged in this case, and his name isn't mentioned, then he's probably free.

So, C2 spent the weekend at my place. He's very depressed. I was a substitute boyfriend for him. We held each other all day Saturday and he slept overnight. Sunday morning we went to C.O.R.E. 4x4 Challenge and then in the afternoon, we held each other again.

Monday morning while I was in the shower. he left without saying goodbye . I'm kind of pissed at him for that. But right now I understand that he's not thinking clearly.

Friday, February 14, 2003

This afternoon at work a few of us from work saw Dare Devil. It's not very original. If you've seen Spiderman, Batman and the Matrix, you've seen 98% of Dare Devil. The kid who witnesess his parents death. The bad guy who terrorizes the city. The bad guy turns out to be the killer of the kids parents. The wire fights.

Even though the movie isn't original, it is well done. The special effects and stunts are good. The acting is ok. The music is good.
Tonight I went to Dan Savage's Pre-Valentines Day Bash. Basically, you bring a memento of a past failed relationship to the bash. You get up on stage and talk with Dan about your relationship and the memento. Finally, you destroy the memento in one of many wonderfull ways. Some were burnt. Some were mixed with meat and fed to dogs. Some were smashed with sledge hammers. One lady's wedding photos were placed in the theater's uninals so that you could pee on them.

I brought some underwear left by my ex, Bob. The underwear was pissed on by a guy that my ex would have found very unattractive. Then the underwear was wrapped around a stuffed rabbit brought by another bitter single. The rabbit-underwear combo was then burnt into one disgusting mass.

I had a great time.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

It's still hitting me how clean my place is. Edwin did a very good job. There are nooks and crannies where I never usually look, that are clean. He cleaned the molding. He cleaned the shelf of weird kitchen gadgets that I never use. He cleaned the pantry. Everywhere. Clean.

Steven said he and Edwin were talked about my place. Edwin was suprized that a gay man could live in such a pig stye. Steven told Edwin I was a straight man trapped in a gay man's body.
I put C2's name into Google and found another man with C2's name (Same first and last name) who has lived a life very similar to C2's. They were both in the Navy. They both lived in San Diego. They both now live in Seattle. They both work in the computer industry.

Edwin did a good job. My place smells and looks clean.

The Tease is out. Sunday evening I called him and left my number on his machine. He didn't call back. Tonight John and Mac had a dinner party, both the Tease and I went. I flirted with him, but he didn't flirt back.

I was going to call the Tease again on Thursday but, since he didn't flirt back, I'm going to let it go now.

The dinner party was good. Mathew, Sandy, C2, Behr and I went. Good food. Good conversation.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I've got a cleaning guy! His name is Edwin. He's Steven's ex and also cleans Steven's house.

At first I didn't really want a cleaning guy, I thought I'd have better things to do with my money. But, after talking to him today, I'm kind of excited about it. My house will be clean! Weird.

He started today at noon. When I go home tonight, I'll see how well it went.

Monday, February 10, 2003

I just got this spam...


Safe *** Secure *** Insured ***

Why settle for less than 6% when you can earn the highest rate available

You know you're in a recession when even scams promise less than 10% returns.
Played hockey tonght. We won 1-0. I don't think I should have played. My cold is now bugging me, and my chest is sore. I'll rest up and see how I feel in the morning.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

I just got back from Vancouver. Mathew, Sandy, Steven and I went. It was a good weekend. Relaxing.

I got laryngitis. Right now I can't speak in a normal voice. But, I can speak in a deep gravelly voice. A number of guys commented on how sex I sound.

Saturday night we ate at "Earl's Up Above" What a great restaurant. There was a delay in getting our main courses out, not long enough that we noticed, but long enough that the manager came out said "We're sorry for the delay. We're going to give you your meal free." When we got our meals, the food was excellent. We only had to pay for our drinks so we left a very big tip.

Steven and I had a lot of private conversations. Steven would be my best friend if he wasn't away so often. He travels for work and his BF lives 3 hours away so I don't get to see Steven that often. We told each other stories that we've never told anyone else.

All in all a good weekend.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

The Tease.

I've always liked the Tease but have never asked him out. He's a foot shorter than I and has made it clear that he doesn't want to date tall men. Well, last night the Tease, Behr and I showed up at the Cuff for beer.

Behr told us his is dating woes. Apparently Harry has been jerking him around. So, I told Behr to relax-- Harry is charming, but he's also a jerk. I didn't tell him how I'd beein chasing Harry.

Behr left early. The Tease and I kept talking. We bitched about how hard it was to date men in Seattle. He asked me how I filled my evenings. I asked the same of him. Then I said "Hey, we should have dinner some night."

The Tease said "That's a great idea. Let me give you my number."

Cool. Hopefully this will go somewhere. I don't want to make another good friend although that might be the Tease's intention. We'll see.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I went over to C2's last night. C2, his room mate and I watched Office Space. a good comedy for anyone who has ever worked in a cublical.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Bizarre night. I played hockey tonight...

The bad part-- in the second period I had the wind knocked out of me. I was tripped and got kneed in the solar plexus. For about a minute I couldn't breath and kept making a sound like a wounded moose. It was surreal. I knew what was going on but I had to fight to not panic. After a couple of minutes, I got my wind back. I sat out a couple of shifts and then played the rest of the game. It didn't affect me because...

The good part-- we won 3-2 in sudden death overtime. I scored the winning goal.

I still feel like a puked my guts up. But other than that, I'm fine.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Friday night Mat, Sandy, Bruce, C3 and I had dinner together. Aftewards we had drinks at Mat & Sandy's .

Saturday night Bruce, C3 and I saw Confessions of a Dangerous mind. It's a good movie. C3 said it was one of the most amazing movies he's ever watched. I wouldn't go that far.

I'm wondering about Bruce and C3. C3 is putting more effort into maintaining Bruce & my friendship than we are. I'll take things for what they are. I know that sooner or later Bruce will get busy again, and I won't hear from him for months.

After the movie I went to the Eagle, had a beer and went home.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Things I want to remember...

SPACE CENTER, Houston, Feb. 1 — The space shuttle Columbia broke apart in flames over central Texas on Saturday soon after reentering the atmosphere en route to landing.