Monday, February 13, 2017

Friends, friends of friends and emergencies…


L, a friend of Steven's came over for dinner last night. On the way over, her tire blew out—about two miles away from us.


We drove to L's car. The tire was completely shredded! Her spare tire was flat, so we waited for about an hour for the tow truck.


Of course, this being Sunday evening, no tire stores were open. L had her car towed to a tire store near us. Afterwards, we all drove back to our place and had a nice dinner.  We put L up in our spare guest room for the night.


Steven left very early in the morning for a flight—around 5am. Around 8am, L & I drove to the tire store where we learnt that it would be mid afternoon before they could replace her tire.


She placed the order and booked the service. I drove her back to our place and gave her a spare key.


This was one of those situations where I had to trust someone way more than I'd like. Steven knows L better than I do, so I let it slide.


I could tell L felt awkward about the whole situation. I'm glad we could help her though. I just don't want to offer help like that very often.






Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stevens's brother is on an alcoholic binge. Perhaps even trying to end his life. 

The brother, G, has had a very tumultuous year. Every month or two I hear a story of he has started a new job. A few weeks later l hear "he went on a huge binge and lost his job" 

This has happen four or five times in the past year. Last November he went into treatment, but left half way through. 

Twice in the past Steven has rescued him from this spiral. Not so this time.

G's son has advised Steven to not help. Stevens sponcer has advised the same. Their mother is not getting involved. All this is eating Steven up.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The house is coming a long. Last weekend I spent a thousand dollars on day laborers and a box truck. We got rid of all the garbage. This week contractors are going through to do repairs, maintenance, cleaning and gardening.

Getting rid of the garbage… There was so much stuff at the house that usable, but not quiet garbage. Glassware, old pots and pans. Old nick knacks. It was tempting to set stuff aside, but for what purpose? The house has been through multiple estate sales. The stuff that is left behind, is the stuff that no one wants.