Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I constructed a weird list. To get a feeling for how often I meet men I like, I wrote down the names of men I dated, or wanted to date and the year I met them. I thought the list would be short. I guess I get around...

In 1997, I met Rick, Barry2 and Brian. Brian and I became a couple.

In 1998 I met no one. I guess Brian and I were happy.

1999. The beginnings of separation. I met Harry.

2000. Fully separated. I met Terry, WB, C2 and C5

2001. Steven, LS, Master Nick and C6, JP

2002, L, Matt, Mac, the Tease, John and Pete.

2003, T, JD and Reed.

Hmm. When I'm single it looks like I meet at least 5 attractive men a year. This year I've only met 3. Guess I gotta get cracking.

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