Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Mac and John spent the weekend in San Diego. John sent this email...

Hi all.

Have you been watching the news?! San Diego is burning down. 1,100 homes have burned down and another 30,000 are in danger of burning. We saw no sun! It was dark and smoky. The Santa Anna winds are bringing the smoke right into the city. It was snowing ash the whole time we were there. People were wearing masks when outside. We had a convertible but couldn't put the top down. It was awful !! People were evacuating into the city and the hotels filled up to capacity. The resteraunts were packed, even on Monday because they pleaded that no one go to work or school, no one drive, and don't use water unless necessary. We barely got out of the city yesterday, and finally got home last night after a long layover in San Fran.

Well, gotta run to work for a 9:00 meeting. Talk to you all later, but wanted to let you know we got out of San Diego OK and are home safe and sound.

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