Monday, October 13, 2003

Weird weekend. Well, maybe not.

A couple weeks ago, William, a guy from D.C. started instant messeging me, telling me I was cute, how much he liked me, stuff like that. He's a nice guy so I didn't mind the chat. Then, last week he asked if he could fly to Seattle and spend the weekend with me. I said yes. I was a bit nervous that-- when we talked on the phone, the conversation was always short and polite.

Will arrived on Friday. And well, he's nice. Shy. Quiet. I'm not in love.

Friday night, C2, William and I went to see PileDriver! a comedy about gay pro wrestlers. It was very funny.

Saturday, William and I saw School Of Rock Good movie. 7/10.

Saturday evening, Cor threw a small cocktail party at his place. He has a partner now, a guy who's moved up from Portland. They've been together for two months, so it must be love.

By Sunday Will was wearing on me. He's very quiet. He doesn't want to do anything but hang out by my side. He's not much of a dooer.

Sunday evening Steven, Will and I had dinner. I wonder what Steven will say about Will.

Sunday Evening I played hockey. We won 3-1.

Will is leaving for D.C. Now.

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