Sunday, October 19, 2003

Friday I bought a new PC and stayed up late playing with it.

Saturday John, Mac and I drove down to Mt. Rainier and did some small hikes around it. The weather was perfect. Even though there was much snow around Paradise, the sun was warm and bright.

Saturday evening, we had a large group dinner for Vic and the Sleuth who were down from Victoria About 14 of us got to gether at Piecoras. Drama was a tad higher than normal. Two couples had small tiffs.

Around noon on Sunday, Brian called me. He was having computer problmes so he asked me to come over and help him.

While I was there he told me his latest adventures...

A couple months ago, Brian was pulled over for a DWI. Halfway through the arrest, the officer left Brrian to talk with another officer. Brian noticed that the officer left his clipboard on the seat right next to Brian. So, Brian went through the clip board and ripped out all the paperwork. Weeks later the police still tried to charge Brian. The judge threw out the charges because, well, there was no paperwork.

Brian is a very very lucky man. This is the 2nd DWI that's he's beaten.

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