Monday, October 27, 2003

I worked all day Sunday. Bleah.

Sunday evening C2 came over. We had dinner and watched Matrix Reloaded. Reloaded does not get better with a second viewing. It's more hokey. Easier to spot the plot holes. Special effects aren't as special.

But, you can fast forward over the dull parts.

On Saturday the west coast switched off daylight savings time. This morning at 7am it was dark Right now at 5:30pm, it's dark. We've entered Seattles deperssing phase.

The machine is gone! What machine? I guess I should explain. A week ago, a large loud engine with cables running under a manhole cover appeared next to my house. It was a very loud machine. It ran twenty four hours a day. On Friday I complained to the city about it.

When the city got back to me, they said it was Qwest's machine. A big air pump. Some conduit with cable runs by my place. The conduit has to stay presurized or water will creep in. The conduit had cracked and they needed to put extra air in to keep the water out.

The machine kept running, loudly, 24 hours a day. Saturday night it ran out of fuel. It sputtered for about half an hour before it stopped. Then 30 minutes later, someone filled it up and restarted it.

Today a man from the City got back to me. He said that the machine was gone and that they had fined Qwest for the noise. Some bad news, next summer Qwest needs to dig up the conduit to replace it.

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