Monday, November 03, 2003

Last week I worked long hours.

Only one family came to my house on Halloween. The two kids where nice, but the father was scowled the whole time.

Friday night I bought a bunch of cement, wood, bolts and a cement bit for my drill. The bolts and bit sliped under the wood so the cashier didn't notice it-- and didn't change me for it. I like that Home Depot. That's the 2nd time a lazy cashier has missed something.

Saturday I started work on the deck. C2 is helping me. We tried drilling into the cement at my basement. It took forever (30 minutes?) to drill one hole. I called my father and asked him for a hit. He said "rent a hammer drill and a good bit." I did so. The new drill took less than a minute per hole.

Saturday night I had coffee with Matt, Sandy, their friend Hugh and Hugh's friend, the infamous, "Fist Fuck Frank" After coffee, Matt, Sandy and I had dinner together. FFF and Hugh went to see a movie.

I stayed out late on Saturday night and hung out with Behr. We closed the Cuff.

Sunday I played hockey. We lost 4-1. Bleah.

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