Sunday, November 30, 2003

Thanksgiving dinners. And lots of them.

I spent Thursday with C2's family for their X-giving dinner. Lots of food. It was good dinner. C2 used me as an excuse to leave early.

Thursday evening we met up with Mat and hung around with him.

Thursday night my windsheild wipers died. Bleah. Wipers are a must when you drive in Seattle in November. Friday I got my wipers repaired. It cost $350.00. I was probably gouged, but I had no choice. It's raining heavily lately.

Saturday C2 and I worked on the deck.

Saturday night I went to the Cuff.

Sunday Jenny and I went snowboarding at Crystal Mountain The weather was beautiful. Sunny. Not too cold. Not too many people.

Now, Saturday night at the Cuff I mentioned to someone that "I was going to Crystal." He assumed I ment the drug and warned me how addictive it was. He tried it once and knew from experience. He winced when I told him I ment "Crystal Mountain-- the ski hill."

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