Tuesday, November 04, 2003

My furnace died last night. The furnace repair man should be over this afternoon.

I went to the eye doctor this morning. It wasn't a good visit...

Lately I find it hard to focus at the end of the day or when it's dark. I went to an eye doctor for him to check it out.

The basic tests turned up normal, so he decided to check my eyeball pressure. He put some drops in my eyes to dialate my puples. Then he got his intern to check the pressure.

How do you check eyeball pressure? A small glowing tube slowly get's closer to your eye and makes contact with it.

The intern didn't do a good job. I kept blinking as the tube got close and touched my eye.

So the doctor took over and showed the intern a few tricks. (arch my eyebrowe. Get me to look off in the distance instead of at the tube thats about to touch my eye)

The eyeball pressure turned out normal. So the doctor said I was fine and could leave. But, at that point every thing was blurry. Very, very blurry. I told the doctor so.

The doctor then figured out what was going on. He ran a few tests to confirm it. Aparently, I'm farsighted, but have learnt a few tricks to deal with it. These tricks don't work well when my pupil is dialated or when my eyes are tired. That's why I have problems seeeing in the dark. That's why I have problems focusing at the end of the day.

He gave me a cheap pair of reading glasses to help me deal with blurry vision. He said in a few hours the eye drops would wear off and my vision would return. That's exactly what happened. A few hours later while I was looking at the computer screen with the glasses on, my vision suddenly got blurry again. I took the glasses off and found that my eyes had returned to normal.

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