Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Too Much Time With The Guys

Seven of us were at the Villa in Akumal. Mac&Joe, Steven&Vic, Matt&Sandy, and me. You'll notice I'm the only single one of the bunch.

Both Joe and Sandy jokingly talked about giving me sympathy sex. I would go off one at a time with couples and have some fun.

It never happened. Not that I would say no if it did ;-)

Bye Wednesday, some of the guys started to get on each others nerves. In particular, Steven and Joe. Steven is very direct (He called him self a bulldog) Joe can be very passive agressive.

Well, something happened between them. I'm not really sure what. It involved poor restaurant service and a frog statue that was not for sale. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Joe spent Thursday morning avoiding Steven. Steven, Vic, Matt and I drove to a far away resort to try and buy the frod statue. We failed. We drove back. Steven and Joe started shouting at each other.

I left them alone and went kayaking. When I got back, they were both laying on the upstairs patio. Steven said "The coast is clear, you can come back now."

Weird. I'm sure one day they will tell me the full story.

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