Saturday, April 17, 2004

Mac and Joe have had a bit of bad luck. They had a wine rack in the front window of their boat. Seattle was so hot and sunny while they were in Mexico, that two red wine bottles popped their corks and poured out inside the boat. Because the were away at the time, the red wine set for days.

This week C2 and I accomplished a lot on the deck. The decking is down. There is still much to do- the stairs, railing, staining and a retaining wall.

Thanks to Steven. Steven helped a couple of days. Behr helped one, but then got 'busy.' Lazy ass. The man has been unemployed for four months.

We did the bulk of the deck nailing with a nail gun. It was much faster than hand nailing, but has its downside. Hand nailing looks clean. The nail gun rips the wood around the nail. Sometimes the nail goes in too deep. Sometimes not deep enough. Plus when the nail gun jams, it takes five minutes to clear the problem.

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