Monday, April 12, 2004


The property manager for the Villa was a 55yo woman named Gee-Hai. She is a very special woman. Gee-Hai hails from Mexico City but was educated in Philadelphia. She's bright, intelligent and of Spanish decent. This is the root of her problem. The people of Akumal are uneducated, predominantly Mayan and live very simple lives. Gee-Hai has never fit it in. She has few friends around Akumal. Mostly retired couples who spend a few months in Mexico every year, but return to the U.S.

We talked with her for hours. She told us many great secrets-- where to find a good meal, where to buy good souvenirs, the history of the region.

She accidently found out we were gay. Mac and John were kissing and petting each other in front of the main entrance. Gee-Hai walked up to the screen door, saw what they were doing and said "Hello!" Mac and John ran away embarrsed. The rest of us laughed very hard and welcomed Gee-Hai in.

On Sunday when we left, we all kissed her good bye. As we pulled away, Gee-Hai started to cry.

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