Monday, December 08, 2003

Went down to SF for the weekend. I spent it with Andy. We had fun. I had a whirl wind romance. Easy come. Easy go.

Both Andy and I arrived on Friday evening. We had dinner together and he bitched about his BF. His BF is a recovering drug addict and is very hight maintenance.

After dinner, I went to the Lone Star Saloon and met SFB. He's a really nice guy. We ended up talking and kissing till 3am. We exchanged numbers and agreed to get together again on Sunday.

Saturday, Andy and I toured the Fisherman's Warf. Andy bought some expensive art. A limited edition Dr. Seuss print, and a beautiful painting of the a window with view of a meadow. The window/medow painting had a neat illusion. As you dimmed the lights, it would look 3-D, like the sun setting. The window frame was very dark and in a flat paint. The meadow was very light and in a glossy paint. As you dimmed the lights, the window would stay the same darkness, but the meadow would get darker, creating the illusion that you were looking out a real window.

Saturday night Andy wanted to go to my bars. He's interested in hairless twinks, so leather and bear bars are foreign to him. I brought him to the Lone Star. He was amazed how many fat and ugly guys there were. I had to agree with him. I also brought him to the Power House. That's a better place-- healthy looking clientel.

Sunday, Andy and I shopped a bit. Then we went to the SF Museum of Modern Art. Some good Art. A lot of bad art. The museum continued the museum tradition of talking about their artists without saying anything important.

For example, they had an exhibit of Diane Arbus photos. The chronical of her last year went..
Took such and such a photo in April.
Applied for a grant.
Took this photo next.
Commited Suicide.

Other than "Commited Suicide" they said nothing of her personal life. That bugs me.

Sunday evening I got back together with SFB. We started having fun. Then we talked about what would happen after I left. He told me he had no interest in having a long distance relationship. So, that ended that.

I went back to the hotel. Had some drinks with Andy and called it a night.

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