Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Today I took my parents to the Museum of Flight. My father used to make parts for jet planes, so it brought back some memories. The museum has a concord on display.

While we were at the Museum, C2 called me up and offered to call my parents and fake a work emergecy so I could get away for a while. I laughed and thanked him. But, I don't need that. My parents go to bed early since they are 3 time zones jet lagged.

Later on we did some Christmas shopping at Walmart. At Walmart, this really cute guy walked up to me and said "Hey Barry. How are you? Long time no see. How have you been?" We had small talk for a while, but I have no idea who he was. Which sucks, because he was really cute. I played it cool because I was with my parents, but I should have asked for his number.

Afterwards we had dinner and watched TV. Dad is a bit sick so he's sleeping a lot.

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