Saturday, December 13, 2003

Ok. I heard the story about the porn mag...

A couple of weeks ago, my contractors left a pornographic magazine laying on their table saw. Last night I ran into them at the Cuff and asked them about it. They both laughed and said it was the cabinet makers. When he was making some shelves for my bathroom, he wanted to make sure they were wide enough to hold two magazines. So, he got a magazine out of this truck....

Thursday night was Survivor potluck. John was a bit sick, so Mac and John left early. John has high blood pressure and is on medcation. He switched from brand name to generic. Unfortunatly the generic didn't have the same dose as the brand name, so his blood pressure skyrocketed.

Friday I helped Steven move a patio set from his ex's to one of the Bellevue blonde's. The woman's biological clock ticks very loudly and regularly. She's constantly making "marry me" and "baby" jokes to any man around her. It get's uncomfortable after a while.

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