Monday, December 22, 2003

Old friends...

Bruce and C3 are back in town. At least for a while. They are moving out at the end of January. It was odd. I haven't heard from them for months. Then out of the blue, C3 called me up and asked me if I wanted to go snowboarding on Sunday. Of course I said yes.

They've been through a lot. Bruce and C3 are both unemployed. C3 has a gig as crew in a movie, but the movie keeps getting pushed off. Apparently the star (Nick Nolte) is addicted and alcoholic. His irratic behaviour is jepordizing the project.

C3's mother died back in October. Dealing with her estate took a lot out of them.

Bruce now has a place in Hamilton Ontario. He's going though many job interviews. C3 told me to no take it personally that Bruce isn't trying to keep in touch with me. Bruce was fired from the company I work for. After that, he was kicked out of the U.S. because his work visa was only valid for that job. So, I remind him of many bad things.

C2, C3, Bruce and I had dinner at their place on Sunday night. It felt a bit like a funeral. Soon C3 and Bruce will be out of my life.

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