Sunday, January 04, 2004

Saturday afternoon Sandy, Steven and I saw Bad Santa, a very dark, very funny Christmas movie about a drunk, depressed, Sanata who cracks safes and robs people.

Afterwards we had dinner and drinks together. Steven and Sandy went home. Sandy wanted to stay with Matt who has hurt his foot. Steven is having some post-holiday blues-- back to work, plus he doesn't get to be with Vic for a week. He misses Vic.

I went to the Saturday Bear Bust at C.C.'s The place was packed. After that I went to the Cuff, and ran into Behr, Mac and John. The Tease wasn't there. His Grandmother died on Saturday.

Sunday I had breakfast with the gang. Afterwards Mac, John and I drove down to their new boat. It's huge! It easily sleeps eight. Matt and Sandy joined us for a while and we chatted and planned what boat trips we are going to take this summer.

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