Monday, January 19, 2004

Friday night we had dinner at the newly renovated Siams on Broadway. The owners were recently divorced. He got the Siam's on Lake Union. She got the Siams on Broadway. So, she decided to spruce the place up. It looks nice. Matt and C2 tried to get the owner to use a Thai Sauce that Matt makes. It's very good, but the owner said it was too Vietnamise.

Small world story. About a week ago, I had a date with a guy named Graham who's moving from the East coast, back to Seattle. Over dinner, J mentioned to C2 that their friend Graham was moving back from the East coast to Seattle. Now, I'm very curious how C2 and J know Graham.

Saturday morning, C2's car broke down in Olympia. I drove him back. We headed off to a board meeting for the Cafe. It's is growing slowly, though January will be in the black.

Saturday afternoon, C2 and I had coffee with Bruce. He and C3 are moving to Toronto. They will be out by Feb 10. It was kind of odd talking to Bruce. He and I used to be best friends. Now I only hear from him when he needs something.

Saturday evening, I went to the Cuff. I ran into Terry and his partner. This is the 3rd week in a row that I've seen Terry at the Cuff. I wonder what gives. Years ago I had a crush on Terry. In fact, my frustration with him is one of the reasons I started this journal. After he found his partner, he kind of vanished. Maybe their new years resolution is to go dance regularly.

Sunday morning, Mac, John, Matt and Sandy had breakfast at my place. After that, C2 and I did errands-- hauled some wood around and brought concrete back to my place. C2 gave me a neon beer sign for the bar. It was from Siam's and was left over after the remodel.