Wednesday, February 01, 2006

C2 has now spent almost a year in Iraq. I got this note from him...

How are you doing? Things here are fine, but sorta the same-ole-same-sole. I think I've topped out here at Tallil and need to move to Baghdad to find the next round of adventure/change. How do you like doing the work thing and store thing? Is it too much? Have you started paying yourself back yet? Ok, chat you soon.

C2 is in no hurry to come back to Seattle. He has many alergies when he's in Seattle. They clear up in Iraq. In Iraq he has a full time job that he kind of likes and earns him some respect. Back in Seattle he wasn't doing much more than temping.

I'm glad he's found something he likes. It's just too bad that our paths are diverging.

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