Thursday, September 29, 2005

Steven and Vic are on their way to Bali via Hong Kong. He writes...

Just thought we would reach out. We have some time to burn in Hong Kong while we await the next flight to Bali. We have been in travel now for about 28 hours. WOW! Seems like less since we were able to sleep much of the night. We slepts about 10 hours! We have not stopped eating of course. The business class service. Wow. The little asian ladies I want to bring home. They are not only beautiful but so nice and just treated us so nice. amazing. This airport itself is amazing. Large, spacious and not at all what I would have thought. The walk ways large and spacious and of couse enough Prada and gucci shopping to burn any wallet up! The business class lounge is amazing. Beautiful simple elegance. There is a water feature pond next to where I am now. We have been in the noodle bar and will soon partake in the "long Bar" which spans across the front of the lounge with Views over the airpot and bay of Hong Kong. Amazing. The showers were something out of the W hotel in New York for sure. Huge rain shower heads above and even a little magic wand that makes for a very clean little (YOU KNOW WHAT). HE HE! You know me..gotta give the details.

Vic and I compared notes later and funny...he said the same thing about the magic wand. We both think we might need one. HA! Why is there not one in the steam shower is what I want to know.

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