Monday, September 26, 2005

Saturday night RO and I went to a great party. Rebecca, who use to be my boss, invited us to it.

What made the party so great? The hostess was a wild child.

Working backwards... At the end of the night, everyone was dancing samba, salso and tango around the living room. There were a few great dancers there and they gave the rest of us lessons. Rebecca and RO did an agressive tango. They would swing aground and check other dancers onto the couch.

Before that, I noticed that some of the guests were vanishing for long periods of time. When I went looking for them-- they were on the back patio smoking pot.

Before that. This one is the hardest to describe. The hostess would run her teeth over the bone behind your ear. It tickled gave you the shivers. It first happened to RO and T. There were sitting there giggling like they had a secret. They wouldn't tell us what it was. They just said "Go to the back room and find out."

So I did. And it happened. It was so weird having a stranger do that to me.

Later on RO and I sat on either side of the hostess. RO and I started to do the same thing to here that she did to us. She started laving and shaking so much that she broke my wine glass.

It was a great party.

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