Friday, July 29, 2016

Steven and I are on a road trip. His first vacation in a long time. We made it to Astoria Oregon on our first night. 

We found the hotel on the internet using a last minute booking site. It was expensive. Its on the waterfront. What was there not to like?

Steven says the place looks cracky. The room next to us has barking dogs. The room smells musty. The bed looks clean though. I don't think it's been painted since the 70s. 

Do I sound entitled? Through this election process I've become very aware of how well off  I am. How good globalization had been for me. And how many people are not in the same boat. I could see how someone would think I'm spoiled.

Still, I will be more selective of the hotel tonight.

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"Tommy" said...

I commented a few days ago about how well the group of bloggers that I follow usually have it... we all do quite well in our own right..... is it that we are all gay, with disposable income, that we have no children to raise except our dogs and cats and an occasional goldfish.

I think for the most part we are independent and happy.... for the most part.!!!