Monday, August 30, 2010

Yesterday Andria threw a going-away party for Cann. Cann is leaving for England for a year for graduate school.

Cann leads an interesting life. I think he earned enough money during the .com boom that he doesn't have to have a job. So he dabbles in a variety of things. He directed a documentary two years ago. He photographs a lot. Occasional he'll help out with small Internet startups. Now he's off to England to study typography.

Winston Churchill once said “Take away that pudding – it has no theme.” I wonder about that as a life philosophy. I think I'll be more happy if I stick with a plan, with a theme, than chasing whims. Or, am I jealous of Cann and the freedom he has?

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"Tommy" said...

some times chasing whims might be a good thing, however, and the is always a however, i am too far down that road that i am concrete, stuck, and in a comfortable lil mud hole here in louisiana...that I only dream of chasing whims.

Good for Cann... i am a bit envious tho.