Friday, August 13, 2010

We are making some progress on the store. We've been offered a place near the existing store, it's a nice space though it doesn't have as much foot traffic as we have now.

This is a hard descision to make. It will be expensive to move and re-open. The returns are uncertain. Yet, closing down scares RO.

At my day job, the re-org is in effect and I have a new team. I like them.

This team is very different than my last team. On my last team, everyone was in their early 30's, eager to work hard and experienced enough that I didn't have to manage them.

My new team has two 'old' guys-- vetrans who have been doing this for so long that nothing phases them. They are in a bit of a rough spot. By the numbers they are less productive than most other people in my division. But, when you look at what they do you see that they do exactly that which is important, no more, no less.

There is a bitter gay guy on my team. He knows I'm gay as well.

Finally, then there are two young and inexperienced guys. They will do anything to be helpful. That's a blessing and a curse-- it's very easy to randomize them because they would rather be helpful than question me on our prioritizes. I asked one of them an offhand question and he wasn't sure of the answer. A day later he produced a huge report on the subject. He worked over time to do research and ensure I could be fully informed on the issue.

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