Thursday, April 08, 2010

At my day job, I often wonder where I am in the pecking order. I don't believe I'm that high up and I've said so to a few people who have worked with the company. Those people have rolled their eyes or laughed.

But lately I've noticed that I get special treatment without me directly asking for it. Proper requests that are ignored when most people ask, are immediatly answered if I do the same.

One of the guys that reports to me has been trying to take a course for a long time. This course has a long waiting list for it. The guy asked me if I knew how much longer he'd have to wait. He'd emailed the organizers but got no response. I wasn't sure either, so I emailed the same organizers and asked. The organizers immediately respond saying "Oh, since you asked, he can go to the next offering."

I kind of like this.

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