Monday, February 22, 2010

I understand a little more why my Director was happy I joined the new team. Apparently, I'm the only manager on the team who can fire people.

My Director has never fired anyone. My new boss (who reports to my director) prefers to shuffle problem employees off to the side. My peer managers include a nice new guy who has never been a manager before and a very bright and experienced manager who took the job on the condition that he wouldn't have to immediatly manage out any of his new employeees-- including one who is having performance problems.

That leaves me. I don't enjoy firing people, but I have done so and I can do so. I have to make sure that this doesn't become my job function. I want to run an A-list team, not the team where problem employees go to be managed out.

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"Tommy" said...

yep it does take a man of quality, rightfulness, and courage to fire someone. stepping up to the plate is a quality that a lot of folks don't have.

making that decision, following thru with the action and trying on all accounts to make it as painless as possible for the person who is getting the ax is is another matter.

but having the courage to do all of it.... is worth its weight!!!!