Sunday, March 07, 2004

This weekend C2 and I did a lot of work on the deck. For the first time it's starting to look like a deck. I'm getting a bit excited by it. It will have a great view of the forest behind the house.

Saturday evening, I talked to Reed. I think he's starting to come out of the closet. Last time I talked to him, he said "I'm straight, but I like to kiss guys sometimes." Now he says he's bi. I'm sure he'll drop the bi moniker after he becomes more comfortable with being with men.

Saturday night, I went to, uh, a fetish play party. The leather bars in seattle are going tame. So, some of the hard core leather crowd has starting having a monthly party at a local artists workshop. Mostly it was guys standing around gabbing, but there were some guys being tied up/whipped/whatevering.

When Steven asked me what I did over the weekend, I didn't mention the above. I wonder if he'll notice? Probably not. I don't think he's reading this journal anymore. (Just checking Steven!)

It's weird. As I get older, I'm becomming more vanilla. two years ago, the party would have been really hot. Now it's just borning.

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