Monday, February 23, 2004

Old photo's....

Saturday night, Steven showed me some 12 year old pictures. He's changed a lot. Now he is a muscle bear. 12 years ago he was a thin twink. Now he has a shaved head and a beard. Then he was clean shaven and had a full head of hair.

When we mentioned that to Mac, he got out his old photos. Now Mac is stalky, hairy, bearded and has short hair. Then he we thin, smooth, and had big poofy eighties hair.

Steven and Mac are almost unrecognizable from their older photos. Their faces are almost the same, but everything else has changed.

Saturday, C2 and I worked on the deck. He didn't say more about flaking out on Thursday.

Saturday night, Vic, Paul, Mac, Joe and I had dinner together.

Sunday, the gang had breakfast at Mac and Joe's

Sunday, I bought some career guidance books. I've been bored with my job, and it's affecting my productivity. I'm trying to figure out what to change.

Sunday night it was back to Mac and Joe's to see the final eppisode of Sex and the City It wasn't that good.

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