Monday, September 08, 2003

"That was fast!"?!? I haven't really dated anyone in over a year and you say It was over fast?


There are a lot of complications that I didn't mention. Reed isn't a nice man. He drinks a lot and is a bit of an asshole. He shaved off my beard and likes to tell me how to dress. He has some bizarre fetishes like this barber/dental thing. He liked like me to lie back in his barber's chair so he could shave me or brush me.

I know there are more fethishes that he hasn't told me about. I was looking through his lap top and found a folder of pictures of women in diapers.

He says he's mostly straight, so he doesn't know if his feelings for me will carry on. He is very sure he will never be able to come out to his friends or family.

As Steven said, "Run Away!"

With my beard shaved off everone is talking. Some of the more hard-core-facial-hair guys feel I have sold my soul.

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