Sunday, September 21, 2003

Saturday I helped move a co-worker. I kind of like her friends. If I wasn't out at work before, I am now. One of the co-workers friends was nicked named "Lesbian Galor" In front of everyone, in a loud voice, Lesbian asked me to start comming to our company's GLBT social nights.

I agreed.

Afterwards Matt, Sandy, C2 and I had a crab boil. I bought 3 live crabs. We cooked and cleaned them at Matt and Sandy's. Matt couldn't eat them. He made himself some chicken. Sandy was a bit squimish when he saw the crabs wiggling their legs. C2 and I didn't have problems

The crab was tasty. The big problem with crab is that it's hard to get the meat out of the shell. You do a lot fo work for a small bite

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