Friday, August 29, 2003

Tonight the movie potluck was... good? odd? different? We learnt way too much about each other.

It started off good. But then halfway through dinner I jokingly said that I should start a betting pool on which of the couples would break up first. The couples twisted my arm and forced me to elaborate on my joke. They both wanted to know what i saw in them that would cause the end of their relationships.

I awkwardly answered their questions. I tried to change the subject often but they wouldn't let me.

After I got through my explanation the stories started to come out. They started to talk about all their dark secrets and bizarre eye openers such as who had sex with animals (When they were young. Not now) and how often and the results. (FYI. Don't fuck cats. They scratch)

We all agreed that tonights conversation should never be mentioned again.

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