Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I took Steven to the dentist—he got an implant and needed someone to pick him up as the procedure used anesthesia. At the end, he was a little tipsy, but not too bad. Or so I thought.


After we arrived home, the dog needed to pee. I took her for a short walk and was gone for five or ten minutes tops. When I got back, the oven was on full blast. Pizza, in the box, was reheating in there. An oiled skillet was on the stove. The skillet was smoking. Kelly was next to the stove making pancakes! He had already made the batter and was adding caramel chips.


I stepped in, turned off the oven and turned down the stove. He didn't seem to notice. He finished making his batter and then carefully made pancakes.


At about that time I realized he was having short term memory problems. He could focus on one thing, but if distracted, then trouble.


He finished his pancakes and covered them with syrup and powdered sugar. Then he ate them very very slowly. He really enjoyed himself. He carefully scrapped every last drop of syrup off the plate.


I put him to bed.


When we talked later on he didn't remember cooking. He remembered that he ate good pancakes. But didn't know the details.



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"Tommy" said...

Hmmm .... A lil bit more ... and y'all would be having a baby