Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Steven has a dog. He loves that dog. She is very cute. I regularly take her out for runs and hikes..


Sometimes I let her off leash when I hike on the trails behind our house. I know I shouldn't, but she likes it and she gets so much extra exercise. As I'm walking along the trail, she'll run a little a head of me, then run back, then run ahead, then run back.


Last weekend while I was hiking with her, something spooked her—a group of trail runners behind us talking, making noise.  She sprinted ahead of me and vanished. That shouldn't have been a problem. She usually waits when she gets too far ahead of me.


Not this time. She wasn't there when I got to the fork in the trail.


I hung around the fork for a few minutes, calling her name.


Then I started running up and down the branches of the fork. Calling her name.


I ran back to the fork, then ran farther down each of the forks.


Every time I ran into someone on the trail. I asked them if they had seen a dog. I asked them to keep there eyes open and gave them my cell #.


After 45 minutes of this, I finally worked up the courage to call Steven and tell him what happened.


He was shocked and angry with me. We came up with a plan that he would start walking the trail close to our house going east. I would cover it from the west.


When he opened the front door, there she was sitting on the front porch. Her paws were dirty and she was covered with burrs. But she was fine.


For my punishment, I had to taker her to a groomer. The groomer did a good job. The dog is all pretty again.


Later on I saw on the local Internet Message board…

Saw a white lab with a blue/green collar running around off leash on Shangri La way. The dog came running down Shangri La and took a right on Talus drive. She was too fast for me to catch her. I waited for a few minutes to see if the owner was around but no one turned up. Hope the puppy finds the way back home


I am so happy, and a little surprised, that the dog knows her way back home.








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"Tommy" said...

You better keep a leash on the dog, on those trials, Mr. Man... don't loose the dog and the husband