Monday, May 23, 2016

Mediation went well. We reached an agreement.


My lawyer started off the morning warning me that since this was only a half day mediation, there may only be enough time to bring the mediator up to speed on the details of our dispute and to establish a framework for resolving it.


Things started off wrong. The mediator moved four months ago and google brought up his old address. Fortunately the mediator only moved one block and we were able to walk over.


The mediator told me he was running this session "Henry Kissinger" style. RO and his lawyer were in different rooms than my lawyer and I. The mediator would talk to me and my lawyer for bit, then go and talk to RO and his. After a few rounds of this, it became clear that there was one big factual dispute between us. RO thought I had much more money than I actually do. When I produced the paperwork showing otherwise, my lawyer, RO's lawyer and the mediator left for a chat. When they returned, the mediation became very productive.


Rather than ending after a half day, all the lawyers agreed to spend a few extra hours to finish the process.


We had to go back and forth a few times about the final dollar amount. As my lawyer said, we had to balance two things, we want the dollars I'm paying RO to be low. We also have to offer a number high enough to show we are taking the process seriously. "You have to hang the meat low enough that the dog will try to jump."


RO and his lawyer accepted our final offer.


I'm glad the mediation is now over. It's a little more lucrative for RO than I would have liked, but I'll get over it.


We still have to execute on the agreement. That will be so much more easy than the endless waiting that's happened for the past year.

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"Tommy" said...

Glad you had some resolution to the matter