Saturday, April 09, 2016

Move to the country and plant an organic garden.


I think about living that way sometimes. Life would be so much more simple if I wanted that. Tommy, I suspect that you too feel the same way. You can live well and simply if you choose to.  But the call of opportunity, or duty, or leadership, or friendship sets you on a different path.

We have bought a house. It's a town house. The construction is not yet complete. We've been visiting it most weekends-- watching the progress. I really like the new neighborhood. It's right on a large state park and a five minute drive to some great shopping and restaurants. The new place should take five minutes off my commute.


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"Tommy" said...

I most certainly do, my friend, living a more simple life, I do hope to get there one day.... I am glad to see things coming together for y'all.