Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer vacation is almost over. The guests have left. My parents were hear for a few days last week. G&J and their kids were here this week.
The weather was wonderful the whole time.
My father helped us fix the riding lawn mower. He found the bearing that seized, replaced it, and showed us how to maintain the others.
We got to see the local sights; the local tourist activities that you never do when you live in a place. We toured the local Boeing plant where they build 747's. One of the kids called that the best experience of his life. I think he'll be an engineer. The 747 plant is a site to behold. It's the largest building, by volume, in the world. Tens of thousands of people work there. dozens of jets fit comfortably within it.
Of course we also played, went to a water park, hiked to a water falls.
And we played bocce ball, on a hilly back yard, in the evening. The hill and the darkness made the game very random. Fun, but random.
The last of the guests left this morning. We are cleaning up and readying our selves for work.

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